18th June, 1935 : The Nationalist Government of China today caved in to a Japanese ultimatum, following Japan’s bloodless victory in Manchuria, now Manchukuo. It agreed to the removal of a division of their troops from the north and the replacement of Government officials by ones chosen by the Japanese. Furthermore General Sung Chehyuan, Governor of Chahar and one of the few Chinese commanders who successfully resisted Japanese in 1933, is to be dismissed.

The ultimatum was provoked by the arrest of three Japanese secret service agents, described by Tokyo as “civilian officials”. Japan used this incident as a pretext to install “friendly” administrators in Peking and Tientsin, claiming that native Chinese civil servants were hostile. The changes demanded in the north use the same technique, which was successful in establishing the puppet empire of Manchukuo.

[ Chinese have learned and now are using the same technique to establish a puppet government in Australia, and the media, already suborned, are silent.]

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