20th August, 1984 : The ring-in of a racehorse involved in a national $2 million betting plunge on a race at Eagle Farm, Brisbane, on Saturday was known on the course before the race, according to bookmakers. The horse, which won as Fine Cotton, was backed from 40/1 to 7/2. Brisbane consorting squad police are now looking for the real Fine Cotton and his trainer, Hayden Haitana, but believe the obscure eight-year-old with a mediocre record may be dead and buried. It is believed the horse which ran was the better performed Bold Personality, which was sold last week by Ballina trainer Bill Naoum. Mr Naoum said the horse was sold in good faith. “The new owner took possession of him on Friday and what happened after was a complete mystery to me’, he said.

gai & SonThe papers of Bold Personality show that he has a star on the middle of his forehead, and police believe this was the most important ingredient in his matching up with Fine Cotton.

Sydney bookmaker Mark Read, who took the brunt of the plunge at the Warwick Farm racecourse, last night blasted Brisbane racing. He said that, in his view, little had been done to clean up the “rampant crookedness” in the north.

[ At that time, Queensland racing people though that a kettle is calling a pot black ]

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