23rd August, 1982 : Queensland unions have declared a general strike, the first in the state in 70 years, in what union leaders say is a war against the Bjelke-Petersen Government. The dispute over the introduction of a 38-hour week involves 52 unions and has stopped all trains, petrol deliveries and port operations, and closed many mines and factories. The leader of the Trades and Labor Council strike committee, Hugh Hamilton, said unions were determined “to make that bastard Bjelke-Petersen resign”. Mr Bjelke-Petersen said the dispute was Communist inspired and there would be no trade-offs.

[ From - “Here in Australia, Building Workers Industrial Union Queensland president Hugh Hamilton told his union’s rank-and-file state convention:

The demand for workers’ control, for the right for a say in industry — indeed, ultimately the final say — on many of the major issues will in the next decade rise to No 1 in any union’s log of claims. It could be to our peril if it doesn’t …

“The “god-given right” of the boss to make all decisions on how you and I and our children are to live must he challenged, and the only effective challenge is by the united strength of the working class and its allies. The trade union movement can and should be the most effective part in that alliance to control our lives.“

No bosses, no elected governments… just trade union apparatchiks. Like now. ]

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