10th December, 1901 : The first Nobel laureates received their awards today, for outstanding contributions in the fields of literature, chemistry, physics, peace and medicine. They were distributed in Oslo by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, and by the King of Sweden in Stockholm. The awards, funded by a legacy from the late Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel will be “annually made to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind” in the appropriate fields, according to the terms of Nobel’s will.

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize is shared by Red Cross founder Jean Henri Dunant of Switzerland and economist Frederic Passy, founder of the French Society of the Friends of Peace.

[ Nobel died 10-12-1886, so it took them time to start dispersing his money. One wonders if a cross would have any chance today. And after Obama’s prize, no wonder here -–Sappho–Dylan-i–8513]

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