sunset-7-BeautifulFreePictures.com9th February, 1922 : When told by someone ill-disposed to women politicians that he and his children were dying of neglect, the husband of Western Australia MLA Edith Cowan – Australia’s first woman MP – assured him that he and the children were fine. But for those who believe women do not make suitable MPs, Mrs Cowan had more news today. She had ignored offers to skip late-night sittings and borne up better than the men MPs. After all, she said, she had done many with her family.

[ Merkel, May, Gillard, Wong play it safe – they have no children. Edith Cowan is apparently a feminist hero in Western Australia and recently The Quadrant mentioned her, not particularly favourably. Ms Cowan was the ardent opponent of death penalty. Her father was hanged for murder of his wife. ]

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