10th February, 1913 : In a snow-covered tent in the desolation of the Antarctic waste today, a relief party found the bodies of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and two of his companions, Dr Wilson and Lieutenant Bowers. A diary left by Scott confirmed the deaths of two more explorers, Petty Officer Evans and Captain Oates, on their attempted return from the South Pole in atrocious weather conditions.

The tragic diary tells of Evan’s death from concussion after a fall on Beardmore Glacier early on in the northward journey and of the heroic end chosen by Oates. Oates, desperately ill and crippled by frostbite, had been begging the rest of the party to leave him in his sleeping bag. Finally, he walked from the tent into a blizzard, telling the others: “I am just going outside and may be some time”. He was never seen again.

Three survivors were trapped with almost no fuel or food in their tent by a blizzard and died there just eleven miles away from a food depot and probable survival.

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  1. Aussie Bruce says:

    Turnbull ought to emulate Captain Oates and walk to the freezing wilderness. But then, only a decent person would do that.

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