11th February, 1932 : Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World has been the talking point. His chilly vision of the future seemed to many readers too far-fetched for words. Babies fertilised in laboratory bottles? “Sleep-learning” through whispering microphones to condition the young to be obedient citizens? With sterilisation, sexual promiscuity is practically a duty, to discourage that unruly emotion, love. The talkies have become a sensual experience – The Feelies – and people have discovered a mildly exhilarating drug without after effects, Soma, which is much in use at parties. Whatever next?

The more this painless, trouble free world is described, the more repellent it sounds, since it suppresses all man’s capacity for independent thought and feeling. It is a sombre warning.

[ The warning ignored and the book serves only as an inspiration for Soros and suchlike. ]

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