13th February, 1945 : The Big Three – Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin – last night announced decisions of far-reaching importance to the future of the world. They have agreed on how Germany will be finally smashed, divided and punished. They have planned the invasion of mainland Japan. And they have carved out their own post-war zones of influence across the globe. All this was done at Yalta in the Crimea, where the leaders have conferred secretly for the past eight days. Their communique about imposing unconditional surrender on Germany stated that Britain, America, France and Russia will occupy separate zones when the fighting is over. A Central Control Commission will have its HQ in Berlin.yalta

Following recent Soviet military successes, Stalin arrived at Yalta in a strong bargaining position. This is reflected in decisions about proposed frontier changes in Russia’s favour at Poland’s expense, and in tacit Anglo-US acceptance of Soviet supremacy over Eastern Europe.

[ A lot was written about Soviet victory at Yalta. Much later, treacherous Kissinger got his inspiration from feeble Roosevelt. ]

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