14th February, 1907 : A record number of suffragettes – 57 – plus two men appeared in court today following bitter clashes with the police last night. The struggles between the women and officers, many on horseback, last for more than five hours and marked the most ferocious battle yet in women’s war for the vote. The trouble happened after a decision by what the movement calls “its parliament”, which has been set up in Caxton Hall, to present a resolution to its male counterpart in Westminster.

In court the first defendant, Christabel Pankhurst, said they wanted a peaceful march. She claimed that disturbance was the fault of the authorities who had instructed the police to use strong measures. Miss Pankhurst added: “The women who asked for votes were in danger of their lives. We do not come here in any way to excuse our conduct. We feel yesterday was a great day for our movement”.

[ As one can see, feminists’ dishonesty has very long history. See also may memories  and Pankhurts on bomb charges ]

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