20th February, 1947 : Lord Louis Mountbatten has been appointed Viceroy of India to preside over the transfer of responsibility for that huge Dominion to the Indian people. He replaces Field Marshal Lord Wavell, appointed to the post during the war and who has been compensated by the award of earldom. There was a dramatic scene in the House of Commons when the Prime Minister, Mr Attlee, refused repeated demands by Mr Churchill, the Leader of the Opposition, that he should disclose “the differences, divergences or disagreements” between the Viceroy and the Government, which had led to Lord Wavell’s dismissal.

Churchill, conspicuously dressed in a heavy black overcoat, was at his most pugnacious “In all the history of Parliament,” he growled, “such a matter has never been denied discussion.” In spite of his efforts, Attlee would not be drawn.

[ More than customary number of rumours and controversies surround Lord Mountbatten eg Gay Influence ]

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