23rd February, 1972 : President Nixon urged China to join the United States in a “long march together” on different roads to world peace. The President spoke as a guest of the Chinese Prime Minister, Chou En-lai, at a banquet in the Great Hall of People in Peking. The speed with which Mr Nixon and his national security adviser, Dr Henry Kissinger, were received by Chairman Mao augurs well for the outcome of the “serious and frank” talks they have begun with Chou En-lai. The biggest single obstacle to the improvement in relations is the status of Taiwan, where the US recognises the Nationalist regime. China insists that diplomatic relations cannot be re-established until the Taiwan problem is solved.

[ Communist China is not to be trusted. It is a pity that people of China have not yet shook off their dictatorial oligarchy. Kissingers, Obamas, the Leftist MSM and such like are not of much help to them. ]

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