27th February, 1900 : The Labour Representation Committee was born today. In the Memorial Hall, Farringdon Street, London – on the site of the old Fleet Prison – 129 delegates from 65 trade unions and three Socialist societies resolved to establish “a distinct Labour Group in Parliament”. They represented 568,000 workers – less than half the total in unions affiliated to the Trades Union Congress which sponsored the meeting.

The outcome was an uneasy compromise between rival factions. Delegates did not quarrel about their goal, just how best to reach it and how long it may take. After day-long debate they accepted a proposal by former Scottish miner James Keir Hardie, now a leading light in the Independent Labour Party, that the aim must be a party in Parliament with flexibility for development. This satisfied the Fabians.

[ After a century the relentless March of the Undead reached America ]

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