25th March, 1953 : John Christie, once the key prosecution witness in a murder trial, is today himself the target of one of the biggest manhunts for years after the remains of three women were found walled-up in his recently vacated London house in Rillington Place. A new tenant discovered the bodies as he prepared to build a bathroom. The terraced house in a Notting Hill cul-de-sac became infamous three years ago as the scene of the murder of Mrs Beryl Evans and her 14-month-old daughter Geraldine. Timothy Evans was convicted of their murders and hanged after evidence had been given by John Christie, who also lived in the house with his wife. Evans protested his innocence throughout the trial, despite a claim by the police that he had confessed to them.

[ Today, when the police decides to convict someone, they do not witnesses such as Christie, though they come handy. Planting DNA ‘evidence’ suffices. Jurors, fed by the diet of TV forensic crapola, convict.]

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