27th March, 1958 : With simple administrative decision Nikita Khrushchev has toppled goateed Marshal Bulganin, his colleague and Prime Minister, and is now undisputed Soviet leader. By taking over Bulganin’s job, the Communist Party Secretary now occupies the two posts which Stalin held during World War Two. Emboldened, Khrushchev vowed to “conquer capitalism with a high level of work and a higher standard of living.”

[ Trying to make socialism work is like trying to square the circle. Socialists today are still trying, or pretending to, and thanks to the almost total control of the media and of the education, they are succeeding. Gramski and Alinski are dancing in their graves. Soros is dancing. ]

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  1. Manuel G says:

    By now it should be obvious that socialism, with whatever face, doesn’t and can’t work -
    But about a half of population is blind, oblivious or both and vote for the Pied Pippers, financed by misanthrope Soros. Another example –

    It is amusing that people most likely to suffer are most likely to support the leftist ideas.

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