Childless in charge


Angela Merkel used to say that “the European Union is about 5% of the world’s population, about 25% of its GDP, and about 50% of global welfare spending.”

The real data is more concerning.

The European Union is:

  • 7.2% of the World Population.
  • 23.8% of the World’s GDP.
  • 58% of the World’s Welfare Spending.

Something has to give.

The EU average tax burden on workers is 44.9%. The average worker in the EU spends half a year working for the tax man.

Taxation accounts for 41% of the euro area GDP.”

Millions of illiterate, unemployable invaders are unlikely to help. Full article:


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2 Responses to Childless in charge

  1. de Trefilo says:

    Who cares? Rich people will pay.

  2. Ted Groola says:

    Perhaps more hardworking migrants would help.

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