God’s mills

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Some readers ask whether there is any reason for more and more infrequent posting. Yes, there is. We do not like to repeat ourselves, as opposed to the people who are paid per word. For example, a few days ago Mr Tony Thomas wrote a good article in The Quadrant about The Australian, –


The Australian has largely resisted the smothering green/left orthodoxy that banished all dissenting perspectives from the Fairfax rags and ABC. When age or ailment sees Rupert Murdoch’s guiding hand lifted from his paper’s helm, don’t expect things to stay that way. The Weekend Review is the sad preview.

The Australian is normally a voice for sanity in this country’s political debate. But Editor-in-Chief Paul Whittaker really ought to  take a look at what goes into the Review magazine inside The Weekend Australian – editor Michelle Gunn.

Mr Thomas then deals specifically with one authoress, “fantasy novelist and journalist Claire Corbett” and her inane writing. In somewhat pussy-footing manner he envisages the intellectual slide of the newspaper.

However, astute and not memory challenged reader of Fog of Chaos may recall that we wrote about the problem sometime ago; in fact almost six years ago.

The Impending Demise of The Australian:-

My predictions are always much better than those by the prophets of doom professors Ehrlich or Flannery which of course is nothing much to be proud of. It would be hard to find somebody with worse record than those two. I hereby predict the death of The Australian.

The Bulletin (1880 – 2008) went under just when I was finishing my letter to them expressing in my usual clumsy and illiterate way my disappointment over the depths they slid to. What a waste of helpful suggestions! But if I was able retrieve it from my prematurely softened hard drive, I could possibly dust it off and send to His Honour The Editor of The Australian. It would probably came too late and in any case, he only ever published my most insipid letters, those likely to challenge neither his IQ nor his ego.

People are deluding themselves if they believe that the Murdoch enterprise is interested in anything but making more money. Freedom of expression? How can we profit? That they at the moment appear slightly conservative is entirely coincidental; it is so simply because all the other media organisations turned to the extreme left. Appointing a husband of Whitlam*’s daughter as the head of Newscorp Limited does not bode well.

Influencing public, making enemies, forming public opinion and all that is fine, if you have a stomach for it, but should we, the benighted “punters”** pay for that? The newspapers as we remembered them or read about in history books are being replaced by special interests propaganda sheets, such as The Age or The Sydney Morning Herald but who is noticing? And who cares? As The Australian dumbed down the “content” in order to attract advertisers, it created the herd of docile consumers, not a class of clear thinking readers.

Well, go and … influence yourself, The Australian (1964 – ?). You won’t be missed. The Bulletin? What Bulletin?

Now that Quadrant published a mild mini-complaint, it is likely that more semi-conservative writers will notice. But don’t hold your breath. Integrity? What integrity?

About Paul Jacko

Jacko was born in Czechoslovakia not long before the communist putsch in February 1948. He studied industrial chemistry there and left in 1969 for Australia, where he became a lawyer and established his own practice. He has now retired and beside hunting, fishing, camping, prospecting and playing golf he amuses himself by writing.
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4 Responses to God’s mills

  1. Hans Friede says:

    They can write whatever they want, no normal people are reading their garbage. They are as conservative as Obama. Is Soros subsidising them?

  2. Aussie Bruce says:

    As old people die or give up, The Australian will have less readers. In order to attract younger ones, the content has to be dumbed down, which means turning Left. Nothing lasts for ever, except journalists’ hypocrisy.

  3. Pierre F says:

    When The Australian, deservedly, dies, there will be no publication even pretending to be conservative. Perhaps for the better?

  4. Pink Hyena says:

    Media, even those professing to be conservative, became so dishonest that only a masochist or a simpleton can consume them. So far, some internet blogs provide a sort of relief.

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