No pain no gain – but unfortunately unnecessary pain when the obvious dangers are ignored. Politicians suffer no pain – you do.

3rd September, 1940 : An agreement is signed between the USA and Britain by which America will supply 50 destroyers to the Royal Navy in exchange for a lease of naval bases in Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Trinidad, Antigua and British Guiana, and free bases in Newfoundland and Bermuda.

The Vienna Award – Under strong Axis pressure, and to accord with the decision taken by Ribbentrop and Ciano in Vienna on 30th August, the Rumanians are forced to cede to Hungary a large part of northern Transylvania, populated almost entirely by the Hungarian Székely people. But in addition to this area, and despite the opposition of King Carol II and his Prime Minister Gigurtu, Rumania also has to surrender to the Hungarians a huge strip of territory populated by three million Rumanians and including the cities of Cluj and Oradea-Marc.

[ Strange – nobody asked the people? Almost like XXI century. ]

About Ludwig von Gress

Born in communist Europe, interested in defence matters on a macro scale, with a cavalry “devil may care spirit” from his grandfather and cautious effectiveness of asymmetric warfare approach from his guerilla father. He sometimes despairs that he may be the only one taking the defence of Australia seriously.
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