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3 Responses to Socialist order

  1. Sad Aussie says:

    The last lines of the image are missing. Foreigners and uneducated Australians could miss the point.

  2. Fragil Mind says:

    What is missing – “Minister Jacinta Allan takes decisive action to keep the Victorian public safe – and bans Sky News on city stations.”

    And what could you expect? from Wikipedia :
    Jacinta Marie Allan (born 19 September 1973) is an Australian politician. She has been an Labor Party member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly since 1999, representing the electorate of Bendigo East. She has been Minister for Public Transport and Minister for Employment in the Andrews Ministry since December 2014. She previously held a range of ministries in the Bracks Ministry (1999–2007) and Brumby Ministry (2007–2010).[1]

    A member of a prominent Bendigo political family, she is the granddaughter of the late Bendigo Trades Hall Council President William Allan.[2]

  3. Hans Friede says:

    It cannot be helped. When you vote for those socialist misanthropes – you get what you voted for. Don’t complain, it is your fault.

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