No pain no gain – but unfortunately unnecessary pain when the obvious dangers are ignored. Politicians suffer no pain – you do.

8th September, 1941 : The Finns cut the Leningrad-Murmunsk railway line at Lodeinoe Pole and threaten Petrozavodsk on Lake Onegin. USSR Supreme Council decrees removal of entire population (some 600,000) of the German Volga Republic to Asiatic Russia as a precaution against possible sabotage and wrecking.

Serious disturbances reported in Paris, leading to arrest of some 120 Jewish hostages.

About Ludwig von Gress

Born in communist Europe, interested in defence matters on a macro scale, with a cavalry “devil may care spirit” from his grandfather and cautious effectiveness of asymmetric warfare approach from his guerilla father. He sometimes despairs that he may be the only one taking the defence of Australia seriously.
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