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A good book

  Paul Jacko  Good books are not easy to find, and, given our limited lifespan, understandable reluctance to rely too much on the opinions of others and plain laziness, the selective reading is a must.   Some people I heard … Continue reading

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Lebanese crime in Australia

Paul Jacko Michael Duffy, a crime journalist ( Sydney Morning Herald and Sun Herald ) wrote an interesting and somewhat politically incorrect book. The outline of the plot as on the back cover:   “John Habib is the mechanic son … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: The Corruption of Capitalism and The Dollar Crises

I myself have studied economics, and hope that no one else would wish such a science upon themselves, unfortunately economics is like war. You might not be interested in economics, but economics is interested in you. It kills, and will no doubt … Continue reading

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Paul Jacko Writing was invented to keep records of produce and population, and to facilitate taxation thereof by the rulers, thus ostensibly assisting the economy and, some naïve people may say, progress. From the time writing was first misused by … Continue reading

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Paul Jacko One day, glancing through the shelves of my local library I noticed a book called LEARNING TO BE A MINISTER, Heroic Expectations, Practical Realities. I picked it up thinking it to be some light-weight, humorous writing a la … Continue reading

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