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Convenient Mekong pirates

Ludwig von Gress China (the Communist one) has long term strategic goals and abetted by the majority of the Western media pursues them relentlessly, forlornly watched by the self-castrated United States. Though it is likely that the Mao-Marxist Middle Kingdom … Continue reading

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Funny navy

Ludwig von Gress I first wrote about Somali piracy two years ago in Africa, Čína a piráti. The situation is not improving. Last week I had to write “with TV news crews focused north on ‘free’ and so arabospringy Egypt, … Continue reading

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Ferry service operating, all aboard

  Ludwig von Gress With TV news crews focused on “free” and so arabospringy Egypt, our friendly Somali pirates keep on plying the trade mostly unmolested in their never ending spring, some of them in order to accumulate enough money … Continue reading

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Afrika, Čína a piráti

Ludwig von Gress /březen 2009/ Qui bono? Komu to prospívá? Člověk podezíravý se pokouší dívat za titulky a bláboly televizních komentátorů. Hladomor v Africe? Toyota potřebuje prodat landcruisery. Z ničeho nic hladomor v Burundi, a ne v Ugandě? V pětihvězdičkovém … Continue reading

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Maritime Boom

MARITIME BOOM Ludwig von Gress   When two years ago I wrote about pirates  menacing the sea traffic in western Indian ocean, (Afrika, Čína a piráti/ cs-magazin) I did not think that the situation would deteriorate so dramatically so soon. I underestimated … Continue reading

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