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Madness in Hawaii

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger Some time ago Mark Steyn wrote about troubles he encountered when entering USA from Canada with supposedly dangerous Kinder eggs for his children. Mark moved to US, his children grew up, but the … Continue reading

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Politically correct elephants’ spoor

Paul Jacko   I like elephants and I like reading about them; sometimes* I even write about them. The article with so tantalising heading As Elephant Populations Drop, We Learn Even Their Footsteps Serve a Purpose thus I could not … Continue reading

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Humanitarian Left

… from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger Since the times of homicidal Lenin the left-leaning intelligentsia has been fabricating a meme of humanitarian socialism, mountains of corpses and oceans of tears notwithstanding. To compare the Left’s murderous achievements with … Continue reading

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The Golden Calf

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger Whatever Moses might had been trying to do, following the higher directive, he has not succeeded, not even, and some would say particularly, with his compatriots, Egyptian asylum seekers, tired of making bricks … Continue reading

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Could America survive Obama?

Ludwig von Gress After adding 5 million of lawbreakers to the future electoral roll, it is appearing extremely unlikely indeed. Too impatient to wait for the democracy’s natural decay, Obama follows the Alinski script and the Hitler precedent. He knows … Continue reading

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Smoke gets in your eyes

  from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger   Me thinks PC comrades are mocking Aboriginal traditions, whatever is left of them, by replacing them by their own, misunderstood, traditions of North American Indians. Understandably, for it saves the hard … Continue reading

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It ain’t necessarily so

  from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger  One evening not so long ago I happened to watch a TV programme about crystal skulls. I do not take much interest in them and I even do not own one, thought … Continue reading

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No shooting

Paul Jacko   No shooting, poison only. That is The Green way – slow, indiscriminate poisoning, whether of minds or fauna. This post is about animals – non-native animals which cause significant damage to agricultural land, and the great damage … Continue reading

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Forbidden art

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger We mentioned the problems of non-gevernment approved, politically incorrect artists in Australia before: Black Art in Blue Mountains, 18-06-2011 and Katoomba to Canberra – the same mentality, 02-02-2012. Those brave people are still … Continue reading

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Práce I

T.G.Masaryk :- Prací se teprve stáváme lidmi, charaktery, stáváme se samostatnými. Člověk nepracující není samostatný. Ani nepracující národ jím není. Bez práce nikdy nemáme dostatek důvěry v sebe. Prací teprve poznáváme svou sílu. Práce je sebepoznávání. Sebepoznání znamená pracovat. Kdo … Continue reading

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Vegetarian warfare

Paul Jacko Beside the Anthropogenic Global Warming believers we have another, unscientific and all-knowing minority. I have nothing against vegetables, vegans or vegetarians, as long as they leave me alone. The more vegetarians, the more meat would be left for … Continue reading

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Further Fatalism

Notice the irony of a chaplain critiquing superstition. A CASINO chaplain says Australians are too superstitious and wrongly believe luck is on their side. Crown’s resident chaplain, Fr James Grant, said that too many gamblers were not rational about their prospects … Continue reading

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Our Great Green Hope

Our Great Green Hope Paul Jacko I shudder to think how cynical will be our youths, when they discover the polar bears had not drowned. When they discover that a rock concert hardly ever solves anything. When their rainbow bubble … Continue reading

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