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AGW confusion

  from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger  Despite the occasional protestations to the contrary, many so called conservatives subconsciously utilise the Marxist dialectic in their thinking and writing. They can’t help themselves. Perhaps they do not realise that, in … Continue reading

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Co říká věda

Rudolf Výborný  Politici se rádi ohánějí frázemi jako: “Věda říká”; nebo “Lidé mají respektovat vědu” a podobně. Můj chlebíček byla matematika, takže mohu s čistým svědomím prohlásit, že jsem život strávil ve vědě. To co říkají politici o vědě se … Continue reading

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Disturbing Charts and Graphs.

I’ve posted a few charts and graphs below, that I hope, should illustrate how economically fragile the world is right now. You can find this data floating around the internet but it is always difficult finding, I trust that this will be … Continue reading

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Statistical Magic and its uses

It seems these days that we all need to be professional statisticians, the real statisticians having long since drop any pretensions of integrity. I refer the reader to this mail post by Kris Sayce, an investment advisor, with several investment … Continue reading

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Einstein Error

As you know, in 1917 Albert Einstein published his general theory of relativity. Originaly the simplest solutions to his equations led to an expanding universe, something he did not believe in. To get over the problem he came up with the cosmological constant, which was to counteract the gravity and thus allow the universe to remain static. Continue reading

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