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Here we go

From Mark Steyn The Shadow over our heads: “…Herr Sellner’s speech is plainer-spoken, yet temperate and sobering. It is also withering about the state of free speech in a land that did much to spread the concept around the globe … Continue reading

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NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN (ALMOST) 22nd January, 1901 : Queen Victoria is dead. She died today at Osborne, her seaside home in the Isle of Wight. She was 82 and had reigned for 64 years, a lifetime in which … Continue reading

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Thoroughly modern Miliband, continued

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger When asked by the BBC to nominate his history hero, Ed Milliband could hardly say Stalin or Pol Pot, not yet anyway. Another female Communist activist Rosa Luxemburg might have done, but for the family connection: “I met … Continue reading

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Decline of Christianity

 from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger   It is the symptom of the times that anniversaries bring out of the woodwork various intellectual midgets who grasp the opportunity for fleeting fame. I do not mean our local twit – … Continue reading

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