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The Shining: Kubrick’s Gold Story

A fascinating interpretation of Stanley Kubrick’s The shining by Rob Ager. http://youtu.be/mAQnfOXqiR0 http://youtu.be/M7xVGy2rc_k http://youtu.be/1D8bXCR6Epk http://youtu.be/BDKT-SLtq4c

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april memories / 28

NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN (ALMOST) 28th April, 1925 : Britain is back on the gold standard. There is sixpence off the standard rate of income tax – it is now four shillings in the pound – and there is … Continue reading

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Gold and Key West

Milan Skarka Whoever those economists are who are predicting a return to the gold standard, they are as foolish as those who believe the predictions in The National Enquirer. The government cannot afford to allow that to happen, no matter … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: The Corruption of Capitalism and The Dollar Crises

I myself have studied economics, and hope that no one else would wish such a science upon themselves, unfortunately economics is like war. You might not be interested in economics, but economics is interested in you. It kills, and will no doubt … Continue reading

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history XXIII

NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN (ALMOST) 23rd July,1933 : The World Monetary and Economic Conference ended today in failure. Delegates from 66 nations gathered in London to discuss trade barriers, most-favoured nation status and the gold standard. No consensus was … Continue reading

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