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Comrade Nkomo

Ludwig von Gress Comrade Nkomo was mentioned here yesterday (Nothing New Under the Sun – 4th September 1978) in connection with successful downing of the Rhodesia Airlines Viscount (Flight 825). Shortly thereafter, on 12 February 1979, the terrorists under his … Continue reading

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Thoroughly modern Miliband, continued

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger When asked by the BBC to nominate his history hero, Ed Milliband could hardly say Stalin or Pol Pot, not yet anyway. Another female Communist activist Rosa Luxemburg might have done, but for the family connection: “I met … Continue reading

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Mandela’s legacy II

  from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger If you wondered what the Left totalitarians so admire in Mandela‘s Africa, beside the indiscriminate murders of whites, rapes, rampant criminality, corruption, declining economy and morality, of course – they also love … Continue reading

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Mandela lied

Mandela Lied but  Communism Never Died By Cliff Kincaid + December 9, 2013 Bill Keller of The New York Times admits Nelson Mandela was a communist, but suggests it doesn’t really matter because communism collapsed. But communism never died in South Africa. … Continue reading

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