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WHO next?

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger There has been no global health scare for some time, at least I have not noticed. Has WHO (World Health Organisation) bureaucracy suddenly became incorruptible? Stranger things have happened, but expecting miracles in … Continue reading

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Cecil the Dentist

… from the quill of the Antisthenes the Younger I thought I would leave that animal in peace, but amongst the vile pile on the internet I noticed someone accusing that dentist of cowardice. Cowardice? A lion, you and your … Continue reading

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Comrade Nkomo

Ludwig von Gress Comrade Nkomo was mentioned here yesterday (Nothing New Under the Sun – 4th September 1978) in connection with successful downing of the Rhodesia Airlines Viscount (Flight 825). Shortly thereafter, on 12 February 1979, the terrorists under his … Continue reading

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NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN (ALMOST) 24th June, 1978 : In the worst massacre of Rhodesia’s six-years bush war, 12 Britons, including wives and children, were bayoneted and bludgeoned to death last night at a lonely mission station near Vumba, … Continue reading

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