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Borrow, borrow, till you drop

Ludwig von Gress More than $35bn was wiped off the Australian stock market …. the looming rendezvous with destiny in the Hellenes… Greek banks remain closed today and all this week. One Athenian: “How can something like this happen without … Continue reading

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Europe’s crisis

Ludwig von Gress The year 2015, for the rapidly diminishing civilized parts of the world, does not seem to start well. With Africa just about written off despite Michelle’s hash-tags; and with USA reeling under the Obama’s executive whip, hardly … Continue reading

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A War between Two Worlds

George Friedman: The murders of cartoonists who made fun of Islam and of Jews shopping for their Sabbath meals by Islamists in Paris last week have galvanized the world. A galvanized world is always dangerous. Galvanized people can do careless things. … Continue reading

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Islam in chaos

Ludwig von Gress That is, more so than normally. As its window of opportunity is slowly closing, the disunity of its adherents is becoming apparent even to the Westerners, though it is sometimes hard to follow which moderate Muslims killed … Continue reading

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Europe’s spirit gone

Ludwig von Gress I am not sure why the writer of Geopolitical Diary considers the impending disintegration of the traditional political systems “unthinkable”. Nihil aeternum est and none are more aware of that than the main-stream politicians. That’s why they … Continue reading

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That Wall

Ludwig von Gress From Stratfor, republished with permission: What the Fall of the Wall Did Not Change by George Friedman Twenty-five years ago, a crowd filled with an uneasy mixture of joy and rage tore down the Berlin Wall. There was … Continue reading

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Ebola warfare?

Ludwig von Gress It must have occurred to a few people by now that Ebolavirus has some potential as a biological weapon. Panic or not to panic? Trust the media? Trust the governments? For example, Michelle Malkin pointed out that … Continue reading

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Student movements

Ludwig von Gress A Subject of Human Geography by Sim Tack Republished with the kind permission of Stratfor / Geopolitical Weekly As student protests in Hong Kong continue, memories of the 1989 Tiananmen Square demonstrations naturally spring to mind. Less … Continue reading

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Oily games

Ludwig von Gress While Obama is worried what effect the Islam and Ebola crisis will have on his golf game; and the politicians play the blame game for everything under the sun, some noticed the recent behaviour of the world’s … Continue reading

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Terror in a home theater

Ludwig von Gress Practically since the time of moving pictures, there were horror movies. Obviously some people, or perhaps many, want to be horrified and are even willing to pay for the privilege. Some, me included, don’t. Today the horror … Continue reading

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US missing in inaction

Ludwig von Gress With Obama successfully doing to America what its enemies, mostly unsuccessfully, have been trying to do for ages, the world history chapter called Pax Americana is reaching its last pages. The enemies got Obama’s measure a long … Continue reading

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Obama’s smoke and mirrors

  Ludwig von Gress Is it cannabis smoke and fogged mirrors? Or are the people who claim that Obama is the enemy of freedom and democracy right? Certainly everything he has done since coming to the office (thanks to the … Continue reading

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Bipolar Ukraine

 Ludwig von Gress  How accurate are the Stratfor ‘s analysts in their predictions? This article by Eugene Chausovsky, republished here with the kind permission of Stratfor, is over ten days old, so you can judge for yourselves. President Putin in … Continue reading

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Iran contra Obama

  Ludwig von Gress   I doubt Iranians would even dream of doing something like that if Ronald Reagan was in the White House. In February this year they had announced their intention and now Iranian Admiral Afshin Rezayee confirmed … Continue reading

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Syria Again

  Ludwig von Gress The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) has been accused of racism for confiscating passports of young Muslims, domiciled in Australia, about to embark to fight jihad in Syria. Today you get acussed of something or other … Continue reading

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The Flight from Reality

 Ludwig von Gress   Who has not heard recently about Ukraine? Seemingly the problem is independence, not as such, but from Russia, for the European Union embrace would prove itself in time equally stifling. It is unrealistic to expect Germany … Continue reading

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A Deal or No Deal

  Ludwig von Gress   The tragicomedy, which passes for Obama’s foreign relations, prompts the obvious question: abysmal incompetence or devious design?  In the following, somewhat frightening Stratfor article Mr Friedman almost endorses the Obama’s defeatist deal with Iran, apparently … Continue reading

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What is a Dictator?

  By Robert D. Kaplan What is a dictator, or an authoritarian? I’ll bet you think you know. But perhaps you don’t. Sure, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong were dictators. So were Saddam Hussein and both Hafez and … Continue reading

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Ludwig von Gress This is one of the more profound analysis of power and current world developments, almost always misunderstood and misintepreted by the main stream i.e. marxist media.  From Stratfor, with permission:  Anarchy and Hegemony  Robert D. Kaplan  Everyone … Continue reading

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The Crisis

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger  Mr George Friedman writes about United States of America, but most of his essay applies equally to Australia. It is almost certain, for example, that Australia’s unemployment rate is also almost double of … Continue reading

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