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Ambitious Trump

Read more in today’s Zero Hedge.

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august memories / 07

NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN (ALMOST) 7th August, 1931 : The middle class, especially the family man, will be the chief sufferer in the proposed New Zealand budget, in which no one is likely to escape increased taxation. With the … Continue reading

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Gold and Key West

Milan Skarka Whoever those economists are who are predicting a return to the gold standard, they are as foolish as those who believe the predictions in The National Enquirer. The government cannot afford to allow that to happen, no matter … Continue reading

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Beware: State Debt and Capital Controls

Everyone now is nervously talking of the so-called double-dipped recession, an economically stupid concept – the world has been in a bear market downturn since 2000 when inflationary adjusted by gold or copper. I surmised a year ago that the state … Continue reading

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