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Lead is good

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger Well, not quite. When it comes to lead in potable water, it depends on who is responsible. Multinational capitalists’ lead is horrible, Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency and Democrats’ controlled local authorities’ is not … Continue reading

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Ban seawater

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger The always light weight magazine Scientific American managed convert itself into unreliable, biased, doom-scaremongering, by feministas mismanaged publication in less than a quarter of century. I borrow and glance through it from time … Continue reading

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All Publicity No Responsibility

Paul Jacko Jealous of the authority of the Vatican, today’s “scientists”* usurped the Pope-like vestments of infallibility and do not want to let go of them. They fail to see the obvious problems arising out of setting oneself upon a … Continue reading

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Antisthenes: The Bright Side of Gridlock

from the quill of “ANTISTHENES”  The Scientific American used to be a good, informative popular science magazine. For example, in February 1861 it wrote: “A vegetable powder, under the name of ‘Persian Insect Powder‘ has lately been introduced into the … Continue reading

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